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Live TV on the Go

Enjoy the freedom of truly cordless entertainment with a Quarterback® case that instantly turns your smartphone into a TV for live sports, news and entertainment wherever you go.

Take Your Pick

Whether it's Apple or Samsung, we've got you covered with a sleek case that snaps onto your smartphone for instant access to high-definition TV programming. It's the most useful thing you'll ever connect to your device...besides the charger.

Quarterback on the Go

Quarterback® connects you to every available TV broadcast in your area. With its built-in long-life auxiliary battery and DVR function, you can stay entertained all day. The adjustable kickstand is ideal for hands-free viewing.

The Beauty of QB

Bring it Along

It's a perfectly portable, traveling television set that fits in your pocket.

Cut the Cord

Stop paying for expensive subscriptions to TV programming that are already broadcast for free over the air. Quarterback DTV smartphone cases allow you unlimited access to all the available TV broadcast channels in your local area.

Be Prepared

Disasters can knock out cell towers, but live broadcast TV news can still reach your Quarterback.

A Traveler's Companion

The best part of a trip is when you finally get to relax. Now you can watch your favorite TV shows on vacation, even the live ones. Make destinations feel a little more like home by keeping up on the sports you love and the news you care about.

A Cord Cutter's Dream

Each year, hundreds of thousands of American homes cancel their TV subscriptions due to rising cable costs. Don't let your cable box you in. Shave the cord without losing live sporting events or essential news programs.

This is Quarterback in action. Watch dozens of free TV channels over the air. Then use our free TV COVERAGE TOOL to check how many free TV channels you can get.


A Family's Lifeline

In a crisis, cellular networks can go down, but with Quarterback, you’ll still have access to emergency information from TV towers. Protect yourself and your family with professional grade lifesaving TV broadcasts that keep you safe.

Our story

  • Q2 2015
  • We form
  • Q2 2015
  • We form
  • Q2 2016
  • After extensive R&D, we initiate field testing on Quarterback prototypes.
  • Q3 2016
  • We start collecting emails for enthusiastic support from backers like you.
  • Q1 2017
  • Our crowdfunding efforts begin.
  • Q2 2017
  • We launch production tooling and pilot production unit testing.
  • Q3 2017
  • Our Android models are expected to ship.
  • Q4 2017
  • Our iOS models are expected to ship

Please visit our blog at for more milestones and progress updates.

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