TV everywhere you go.

Quarterback is a high tech smartphone protective case with a built in digital television antenna.
You will love the Quarterback sleek all-in-one case with an easy TV ON/OFF key, full DVR capability and extra long-life battery.
Quarterback Pre-Orders available soon.

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US Design Patent D756980

Free TV. No Kidding

The Quarterback luxury case instantly turns your smartphone into a TV. No monthly cable bills, no subscriptions fees, no complicated installation. Wherever you go, watch unlimited fresh, fast and free TV programming.

TV anywhere, anytime

Stop paying for expensive subscriptions to TV programming that is already broadcast for free over the air. Quarterback DTV smartphone cases allow you unlimited access to all the available TV broadcast channels in your local area. Simple

Designed by in Seattle
Patent Pending Technology

Snap & Go

All you need to do is snap it on and you've got instant access to high definition TV programming, with extra battery power, and a built-in DVR function so you can stay entertained and informed all day.

We all have different tastes

We know you have a favorite color. You decide!

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